Trends in Graphic Design

Modern Trends in Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t something that popped up recently, its history is long, and it has gone through a number of trends during it. The trends that happened in graphic design were often a reflection of the current sentiment in society and the way the designs were created changed with the advancements of technology. Read on all about graphic trends!

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user experience

User Experience – How To Get It Right?

User experience is an aspect of design that focuses on making the design meaningful and understandable for the users. It does that by analyzing and predicting how future first-time users will approach and use the product/service. Read on to find out more!

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WordPress Photography Site

How to Make a WordPress Photography Site

Starting up a site is hard work with many factors to consider before you’ve got the finished product. Of course, you could offload all that work to someone, but that usually comes with a high cost. If you opt for doing the work yourself, however, then we’re here to help. We’ll go through the whole process step by step and will be focusing specifically on photography websites.

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Graphic and Web Design

How Graphic Design Translates into Web Design?

How Graphic Design Translates into Web Design is the seventh article in the Ultimate Graphic and Web Design Basics Guide. It was meant for those looking to get their career started as designers, but also for those that are interested in the design process. Within the following series of the nine articles, and two “bonus tips” articles, we will cover everything you need to know to get started.

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Branding and Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

The term branding stands for crafting a unique image for your brand. It is something that every business requires in order to be successful, especially the ones looking to set themselves apart. Good branding will show off your brand’s uniqueness and its advantages. It will be something that your business is recognized and remembered by. Read on to find out more what makes good branding and logo design.

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Image File Systems Explained

Top Image File Systems Explained

Even if you’ve never dealt with them professionally, you probably know that images these days come in a variety of formats.
Indeed, there are several file systems for this, but the differences between them may not be immediately apparent to someone who has never dealt with them before. Luckily, you have us by your side. Here are the most important things you need to know about top image file systems.

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