mobile apps for editing photos

Best Mobile Apps for Editing Photos

Although most smartphone cameras nowadays can come head to head with DSLRs, no matter how crisp and clear your image is, if it’s not edited, it can feel somewhat plain, as if it is lacking that little something. When editing a photo, you can apply just the edits that will enhance the image’s best features, or you can let your imagination run free and completely change the image. Here are the best tools to help you edit them.

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Images on a coming soon page

The Importance of Images on Your Coming Soon Page

Using coming soon pages you can mark a spot on the internet for your future site and have a place that your audience/customers can visit in order to get information on the official launch date, subscribe to your newsletter, get familiar with your business if they aren’t already, get a sneak peek of what is to come when the site does go live, and so much more. Here’s why you should be using images.

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Best Explainer Video Software to Make Animated Videos

Nowadays, people are more likely to watch a shorter video that explains to them how to do something than read about it step by step. 
There are different types of videos and which one you create will depend on what you want to achieve. In this article, we will discuss animated explainer videos, which are short videos that contain a lot of information about a product, service, process, or your brand.

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How to create charts online

How to Make Comparison Charts Online

Charts are here even if you don’t even recognize them as such. They are the go-to-data presentation tool. They can be simple and used for humor, or they can have a life of their own. Knowing your way around designing, and maybe even more important, choosing the right chart will help you organize your data and your thoughts. Here are the tools you would need to create them.

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Enhancing images with text

How to Enhance Your Images with Text

When it comes to online businesses, the text is used alongside pictures for a wide variety of use-cases – banner ads, in-content images, social media marketing, and infographics, to mention a few. While the text is used in each of these cases, there is no standard way to enhance the appeal of the visual. Here are some tips so that you can do it right.

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Blog on Photography Sites

Should I Have a Blog on My Photography Site?

Having a blog as part of your photography site is a great opportunity to show your work, express the value you can provide your customers, and showcase your latest work. Also, it is expected in today’s world that every serious business has a website, so it has become a necessity for you to have a photography website along with a blog if you want to stay competitive in the photography industry.

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