Branding and Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

The term branding stands for crafting a unique image for your brand. It is something that every business requires in order to be successful, especially the ones looking to set themselves apart. Good branding will show off your brand’s uniqueness and its advantages. It will be something that your business is recognized and remembered by. Read on to find out more what makes good branding and logo design.

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Image File Systems Explained

Top Image File Systems Explained

Even if you’ve never dealt with them professionally, you probably know that images these days come in a variety of formats.
Indeed, there are several file systems for this, but the differences between them may not be immediately apparent to someone who has never dealt with them before. Luckily, you have us by your side. Here are the most important things you need to know about top image file systems.

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Photography in graphic design

Photography in Graphic Design

People are visual beings, and the easiest way to get their attention is by stimulating the visual senses. That is why it is a rare case to find an advertisement or magazine article with no photos. An image can say more words than an article it is placed next to; it will easily cross any cultural and language barriers while texts can sometimes struggle to do so. Here is what you should know about using photographs in your design.

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Image Compression Plugins

Top Image Compression Plugins for WordPress

One thing that both the owner and visitor of a website have in common is that they want the website to load as fast as possible. Often, websites take a while to fully load because of a very simple reason, it’s full of large images. An easy way to resolve this issue is to do image compression. Here are some plugins to help you with that

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Layout and Composition

Layout & Composition

Layout and composition are two different terms, but they work together harmoniously. The composition is something crucial in any art form whether it is design, painting, music, photography, you name it. It refers to the elements that make up a certain design/piece of artwork. The layout is the organization of those elements, the way they are laid out and arranged. Keep on reading to learn more!

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