The Basics of Graphic Design

The Basics of Graphic Design: What It Is, and What’s It For?

Like its name, graphic design is made up of two things, graphics, and design. To be able to understand what graphic design is, we should first know what the things making up the graphic design are. Graphics is a visual art, and something made using imagination and expression. Visual elements make up graphics, and they serve as the building blocks of design. Design is planning the look and function of something before it is actually made.

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All about aspect ratio

What is Aspect Ratio And How to Change It?

These days, no decent website can make it if it doesn’t include pictures and photos of some sort. People have come to expect that the pages they visit are well designed and easy on the eyes, and this, in turn, makes them want to come back to the website again and again. Text alone just isn’t going to cut it.

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Top 7 tools to create Logo

Top 7 Tools to Create Your Unique Logo

There are quite a few things that represent a brand. It can be quality, uniqueness, consistency, or even its design and style. But there is another thing that catches your eye the second you see it and is probably the most recognizable and memorable thing about a specific brand – the logo.

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How to Choose photography site's color scheme

How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Photography Website

When you are the type of person that can catch a marvelous scene with the corner of your eye and immediately draw your phone and take the shot: you fit a specific profile. When you go on a vacation, and the only thing that wanders through your mind is capturing the most wonderful sights and landmarks of the country…ooh, you fit the profile. When you simply go to grab a cup of coffee, and the clouds suddenly make the perfect formation for stealing the scene and converting it to an astonishing photo that you can admire for hours, you sir/madam are a photographer, and you got hooked to and art form invented for the sleek.

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