Best a/b Testing Tools

Best A/B Testing Tools

Even the best web developers don’t have all the knowledge nor can they apply the same strategy to different types of needs. It all depends on your audience or better said, their type of character. This is why it is important to experiment with different options and features, so you get feedback and see what works best for a certain type of workload.

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Increase Conversion Rates for E-commerce

How Website Design and Content Strategy Increase E-commerce Conversion Rates

Some eCommerce store owners think that the quality of their products is the only thing that influences their conversion rates. While this is a contributing factor, there are many other things that affect how website visitors see your store and decide whether or not they want to purchase something from it. This includes how your website looks, ease of navigation, the 3PL fulfillment company you work with, and more.

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Ways of Reducing Your Bounce Rate

Top 5 Ways of Reducing Your Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is something nobody wants to see but also something everyone has to take into consideration when planning their website’s strategy. Because 0ne way or another, you are always going to have visitors who leave immediately after coming to your site.

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