How to Add CTAs and Promotional Banners in Email Signatures So They Leave a Memorable Impression

In today’s article, we will be talking about CTAs and promotional banners; what they are, what they do, and how to make the best use out of them in your email signatures.

We should start off by explaining what exactly CTAs and promotional banners are. But first, let’s talk about email signatures.

The purpose of email signatures

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Email signatures are often also called email footers, they represent a small part of the email which contains some information about the sender of the email. They usually contain the name of the sender, the company they work for, their position in that company, contact information, company logo, and social media links.

With that explanation out of the way, let’s talk about CTAs and promotional banners.

CTA is short for ”Call to action”, which represents an option that the marketer allows his/her customers to have. The most common form of CTAs is buttons.

We have many types of CTA buttons but the most used ones are the simple ”Buy now” or  ”Read more” button. This means that CTAs are supposed to take customers from your email and bring them to where you want them, for example, converting their visit into a sale.

Promotional banners are a great promotional tool. They represent the most eye-catching thing out there, which works great for attracting attention. You have encountered many promotional banners in your life, just think of any signs which promote certain products, or businesses. These can be often found at the bottom of an email.

The purpose of CTAs and promotional banners is mostly raising your brand’s awareness, and in the future, possibly raising the number of sales made.

Enhancing them with CTAs and banners

Adding CTAs and promotional banners into your email signature is possible with certain tools. The best tool on the market that allows you to add all of this is Scribe.


Scribe allows you to insert all of the important information but also edit the appearance of your email signature so that it represents your brand in the best way possible.

Now, we will give you a few tips and tricks on what to do and what to avoid when it comes to CTAs and promotional banners, and also explain how to add them in your email signature using Scribe.

With Scribe, you can add all of your information using its really simple template. All you have to do is add a link and a title. The creation of promotional links is also easy.

If there is anything confusing about this easy-to-use tool, don’t worry, there are many detailed tutorials on how to use it and achieve the best possible CTA and banner design.

Scribe call to action and banner

Scribe also has the option of checking how many people have seen your signature and how many of them have engaged with it (clicked on it).

Scribe analysis

You start by choosing a template, inserting all of your information, and customizing things in whichever way you please. You want your CTAs and banners to look eye-catching but also as professional as possible.

Another cool feature that Scribe has is the scheduling feature. This feature allows you to schedule certain holidays and events during which you can offer some sort of sale or discount.

Scribe scheduling

The first thing you should have in mind when making your CTAs and promotional banners is to keep things simple. You do not want to overwhelm your customers by adding too much information causing them to give up on the thought of buying something from you. A lot of brands use CTAs in the form of a small button or a link using which the customers can view the product and its price.

Let’s be honest, everyone likes a good deal, so highlighting that there is a sale going on will attract more people. Adding discounts and coupons is also a great way of making sure a person visits your website.

But do not overcomplicate things. Making sure all of the words and phrases are well-known and short will make the customer’s experience more pleasant, without them overthinking and misunderstanding anything.

Try to avoid being too desperate when it comes to your CTAs. Your buyers should have some type of trust in you already. Also, treating them with respect will for sure make them stick with your brand.

Scribe signatures examples


Use images that have something to do with your brand. Choosing some random image is a big mistake and so is not making sure that the written text complements the image. On top of that, color-matching your banner with your brand’s main colors is definitely eye-pleasing and will make it seem like you have put a lot of effort into the whole design aspect.

Another cool trick that can help you is inserting a video of yourself instead of a picture. Let’s be real you create a more personal connection when you see a person and you can hear the person speak, than when you’re just reading some plain text. You have a better chance of gaining someone’s trust when inserting short videos of you introducing yourself and your brand.


The whole process of creating an email signature, inserting CTAs, and promotional banners is generally a quick and easy process, but also something of great value. These things can bring a lot to your brand, perhaps more sales or even just better promotion to new customers.

Email signatures represent a whole new way of communication between companies and their customers and are also great in introducing your brand to more people.

We hope that after reading this article you have a better understanding of what CTAs, promotional banners, and email signatures are. Following the simple tricks we mentioned above, when creating your own email signature will for sure be useful in the long run. So have fun creating your signature and we hope you achieve the success you desire.

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