How to Easily Create Professional-Quality Graphics, Logos, and Animations for Your Site

The IT world thanks to its expansion in the last three decades, transformed into a gift that keeps giving inspiration to generations to come. Also, because of its enlargement, it attracted an enormous amount of people which naturally led to competitiveness, and a desire to be better and bigger than your rivals. Because of this, we’ve got more new ideas, new technologies, and jobs in this amazing and dynamic world. And in every job you do, finding a new way to reach people was always a thing which could differentiate you from others.

In almost every case, words are not enough, and if one company or individual truly wants to succeed, they need to combine their talents and ideas in the industry with other arts, so to say. And when one says arts in IT, he/she is without any doubt referring to graphics, design, and animations.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”- this is something you’ve probably heard a lot. This, not so old English language adage, is believed to stem from some U.S college newspapers from the beginning of the 20th century, most likely a paraphrase of a similar quote taken from Henrik Ibsen, a famous Norwegian writer. Well, I’m not sure if you agree, but if both 20th-century journalists and Henrik Ibsen could see modern graphics and animations, I’m sure they would think of some smarter words to properly describe this phenomenon. And its story started pretty simply.

Woman sketching design

In the 90s, graphics and animations were mostly used for the movie industry and entertainment, but as usual, some brainiacs soon realized (or perhaps they remembered this quote from above) its potential, and eventually, they found a way to use it for their clients in digital marketing, in their blogs or other types of jobs. Nowadays, it is unimaginable to be a part of the IT industry in general, and not to deal with graphics and animations.

Many would face difficulties when dealing with this. Either they completely ignored this aspect and failed, or they were too late to implement it and failed again. Or they truly knew the importance of this, but yet they struggled to find the right tools to match their ideas with good graphics and animations.

Tools are the main reason behind this article. To be more precise, I will present you with one amazing tool for creating graphics and animations that could save you time, money, or even your job. Plus, using it is as easy as pie.

Powerful designing tool


Here we’ve got a true leader when it comes to excelling in design, and its name is PixTeller. Developed in Romania, it provides help for thousands of marketers, companies, designers, etc.

Launched in 2014, PixTeller is characterized by its look, features, options, simplicity, and many positive reviews, not only by professionals but also by people unfamiliar with graphics and animation design. With PixTeller, there is no need for advanced design skills or some expert knowledge – it is just you and your ideas together with this amazing tool.

What do I get with PixTeller

PixTeller offers you the best possible way to create your graphic images or animated videos that you can use to present your products, ideas, or to create good visual advertisements for your clients.

From the beginning of the process until your product is designed everything is simple and explained. This is a dreamy scenario of every marketer, blogger, aspiring designer, or any other person in need of good graphic images and animations.

This is a tool that saves you time, energy, and yet everything you do with it will be awesome.

PixTeller templates

PixTeller gives you various predesigned graphic templates, which you can use for additional editing and personalization. They are all divided into a few categories according to your needs.

For example, you can easily customize and design pictures for social media in the social media image maker, or the posters tab for snatching templates of posters. The same goes for cards, logos, video stories, and much more.

How can I create with PixTeller

Once you choose the right template for your needs, you can start with the PixTeller online editor which simplifies how you can create or change text, images, and other relevant additions, no matter if you use the PixTeller library, or you upload own pictures.

In the editor, you do the main job of creating your content using a combination of colors, words, photos, etc. With the graphic maker, you do the magic within minutes thanks to the support of many PixTeller tutorials.

Also, this tool gives you an option to customize everything, which is something other free photo tools lack.

PixTeller editor

When it comes to creating graphic content especially for your social media platforms, you have an option to start creating from the very beginning just in case you want to test your creativity with the PixTeller graphic maker. Along with that, it is easy to convert all images for various social media platforms with one click thanks to the “Smart resize” option.

The true beauty of this handy little helper is that all those pictures don’t have to be animated by some other tools since you have everything in one place. Everything is fast, easy to use, and saves money.

Who can use Pixteller

As previously mentioned, this tool can be used by literally everyone, from school kids on their journey to discover their talents in arts to digital marketers and experienced designers in constant need for good graphic solutions for their clients and themselves.

If you are a digital marketer, small business owner, blogger, or website owner in need of good visual designs, and you’re on a tight budget, then hiring a professional designer isn’t the ideal option.

And if spending money on expensive software that constantly needs updates that you have to pay additionally for just doesn’t work for you, then PixTeller is the solution to resort to.

You can find some additional pieces of information about PixTeller in this video:


Visual effects have become an essential part of every online job. In the fast world, people don’t have enough time to read, learn, and understand only with words. That’s why you need visual assets to draw attention to your products and activities, no matter is it an interesting logo, inspiring picture, or funny and useful animation.

With PixTeller, you get a concoction of numerous design elements, combined with the goal of fulfilling your needs. It is a graphics and animation tool merged into one that saves you time and money while helping you to unleash your creativity.

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