Best Cold Outreach Tools in 2022

You’ve decided to automate the sales outreach you’re already doing, so you’re looking for the Best cold outreach tools in 2022 to help you do this. You’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of the best unconscious email programs to help you construct a great first impression on a large scale with your prospects through emails. These programs can help you make a good first impression of your options.

Follow these steps to reach more potential consumers. Because of this, the number of people who respond to you will go up, and you will finally be able to get more business. Since you are reading the Mailshake blog, it shouldn’t surprise you that we would be thrilled if you chose to use Mailshake.

But it’s less important that you send your emails by hand than using a cold email tool, even if it’s not ours. Sending emails by hand would require a significant amount of time. You can save time and grow your pipeline by automating your cold Outreach. So let’s get into it.


We don’t feel bad when we say we have some prejudices. Particularly if you operate for a small or medium-sized firm, Mailshake is fantastic. It also works well for cold emails, cold calls, and cold joining on LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

Sending emails to potential clients is one way to employ this strategy. Mailshake is popular with new businesses still building up their customer base and marketing groups looking to make new connections.

Mailshake is especially popular with small sales teams that are growing quickly and need to hire more people. It is great for sending personalized emails beyond the usual dynamic fields. You can also add follow-ups sent automatically on your behalf to your cold email campaign. As shortly as the candidate responds to the first email, these follow-ups will stop and not be shipped again.


The company says on its prices page that they have solutions for sales departments of all sizes. This outcome is so popular on the market because of this. You have to ask for a price quote, even though they have a lot of useful features.

Because of this, there are some disagreements, and people aren’t as open as they could be. It is, however, a good solution to think about if you are a sales manager in charge of a large team of SDRs who send bulk messages to cold prospects.


Even though we said that Salesloft is the market leader, Outreach may be tied with it in this way. Again, they don’t give clear pricing information, even though their product is a great choice for business sales teams.

Both Outreach and Salesloft offer all-in-one solutions, which is great if your business is well-funded and you have a lot of extra cash that you don’t know what to do with.

But if your business doesn’t have a lot of money, you might want to choose a more specialized option. These two types of technology are very helpful when sending unsolicited emails to bigger businesses.

It is another great piece of sales engagement software that lets you automate your Outreach across multiple platforms and make it reach more people.

With their Chrome Extension, you can also find verified email addresses on the social profiles of your prospects on LinkedIn. It lets you add those leads to your email outreach efforts and increases your overall conversion rate.

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Another great way to get in touch with everyone in the community is via this method. Their main goal is to link businesses that serve other companies with the customers those businesses want to help the most.

They also work well with many customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Calendly, Google Sheets, and other apps. Since they care so much about being able to deliver emails, this is a good way to send emails that people didn’t ask for.


It is a great way to explain what they offer as a cold email automation solution. Their website says that “corporate software is overkill” in situations where they are the best choice.

Also, they have a free version of the software that gives users access to some of the most important features so they can try it out.


We like Mailshake the most, and it would be great if you used it. We are biased, but we think that software is the Best cold outreach tool in 2022 out there right now. Even so, we are acting this way for a good reason. Mailshake lets you set it up to run on autopilot, so you can automate your sales outreach without making it look like a robot.

Many people can now get messages that are tailored to them. There are tools to ensure that the email can be sent and written with the help of AI. On top of that, it gives you feedback on the email sequences you build as you make them.

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