Best Themes for Fashion Blogs

While working on WordPress sites for some time now I have noticed how many people are obsessed with finding the perfect theme for their site. Sometimes it feels like people are going insane and doing everything in their power not to use the most popular theme because they think it would make them look too mainstream.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against themes and theme creators; I’m just fascinated by how many things revolve around themes these days. And for good reason!

Your theme is the first thing that will leave an impression on your site’s visitors. Every part of it, its structure, color combinations, background, and so on. All of these things will have a huge impact on how people see and perceive your site.

A lot of things take time, and trying to find a theme for your site is one of them. Fortunately, for you, I have been digging around and trying a bunch of different themes out in order to compile a list of the best ones that you could use on your fashion site or blog.

So let’s see which ones I picked out!

1. TheGem

TheGem theme

No pun intended, but this one is a real gem. It is very responsive and will in no way, shape, or form slow down your website. It can be used on all kinds of sites depending on your needs (sport, fashion, gaming, etc.) and can also be used to create the perfect custom theme for fashion blogs!

It has something over 400 demo layouts for you to choose from which you can customize as much as you want. I was actually stunned by how many of these prebuilt layouts go well with most of the things that I am creating and playing around with.

I just want to point out that the drag and drop builder paired up with the huge number of shortcodes included in this theme make it a very desirable choice no matter what your site is about. Plus, you can set it all up in no time at all.

2. Olsen

Olsen theme

With the Olsen theme, we have something more simple, clean, and elegant. You could say that it is more oriented around blogging, showing off your content and authors than trying to impress the audience with some showstopping design.

It’s worth noting that it is responsive and can be set up in record time.

3. Webify

Webify theme

Webify is yet another multipurpose theme that you can use to create any type of website you desire.

With its collection of demos that gets updated every month, it gives you a lot of options for creating your own mini combo, thus in turn your own unique theme.

4. The Hanger

The Hanger theme

The Hanger is a theme that makes all things on your site look simple and clean. It is also more of a shopping style theme than anything else. This means that by incorporating it in your site you will give your users a much better shopping experience.

So, if you want to give your site an amazing look and also sell some products through it, then this is the theme for you.

5. The Issue

The Issue theme

The Issue is a well-thought-out theme with a minimalistic style and is a great choice if you run a fashion site.

It has around 17 full website demos and a number of layouts for you to choose from. It is also very responsive and lite so it won’t strain your site or make it slower.

6. Look

The look theme

Look is a very simple theme that comes with a number of layouts and demos. It is also very versatile in regard to website types it will work for. It is clean and simplistic which makes it an especially great choice for fashion blogs.

With all the layout combinations it will put at your disposal, you will really be able to “go wild”.

I also like that it is 100% responsive and that creating anything with it is done through an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

7. Newsmag

Newsmag theme

If I may say so myself, Newsmag is a theme that is a bit different than the rest on this list.

This theme is more focused on making your site look sort of like a magazine rather than a simple blog. It allows you to fit a whole lot more information on one page which can look crowded at times, but for some sites, this type of layout works amazingly.

With its advanced features, it does its best to make the most out of your SEO and Google ads. Also, it has a rating system that you can use so that people can rate the products that you are offering.

In a nutshell, if you want your site to look different and to stand out more than the rest, then this is the theme for you.

8. Glossy

Glossy theme

If you are someone that writes about fashion all the time on your blog, then this theme will pique your interest. It is nothing special in regard to design (even though it does have a nice amount of good layouts and demos) but it shines in its ability to utilize affiliate links to the maximum.

That’s right, this theme revolves around affiliate linking and around giving you the ability to add affiliate links anywhere that you want.

So, if you write blogs about fashion and current fashion trends, it would not hurt to affiliate yourself with the products and companies you mention in your content. A writer needs to earn money somehow after all!

9. Nova

Nova theme

Nova, a theme that is very blog-oriented and great for mobile devices!

Using its option to add infinite scrolling, you can assure that people will scroll through your site for a longer period of time and will most likely click on something on it as well. That is also why it is great for mobile devices since that is all that people do on them. They scroll until they find something of interest.

If a site has an end, then people will stop there and decide whether to stay or go to some other site/blog. On the other hand, if there is no end then they will go through more content than they usually would on a site without infinite scrolling.

10. Artemis

Artemis theme

Last but not least comes Artemis. This lite and versatile theme is something that a lot of people love to use for their fashion sites.

It has the drag and drop interface, is fast to set up, and has unlimited colors for you to choose from when customizing it. It can also serve as an online shop where you can sell your clothing items and whatnot.

I don’t know how you are going to perceive it, but to me, this theme feels great to use and its layouts appear to be very slick and simple (all aspects that major fashion sites look for in themes).

The Verdict

It is always advisable to go for the theme that offers you the most features and is the most versatile. But still, you have to make sure that the theme you chose won’t slow down your site and that it will be compatible with the plugins you are using.

For me, the most versatile theme on the list is TheGem with its great drag and drop interface and its variety of layouts and demos. Then again, if you want something that is more clean, simple, and what is, let’s say, the norm with a lot of fashion sites, then you should opt for the Look theme.

If you want to promote fashion items on your blog in hopes of earning a bit of extra cash then Glossy is the way to go because of its powerful affiliate linking mechanism. But of course, if you want to have a proper online shop where people can come buy some of your products then you should check out The Hanger.

Lastly, if you want to create a magazine-style website then the best option for you is Newsmag. It really does have that magazine feel to it and also looks amazing.

As for the rest of the themes on this list, I would recommend that you go through all of them and check them out one by one. That is the only sure way to find the perfect theme that will work the best for you. Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and to what you want to do with your site, not mine or anybody’s recommendations.

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