How to Create an Engaging Website Design

Most businesses do not realize how vital website design is. An engaging and attractive design can help earn the users’ trust or people who visit your website. You need to keep in mind many things when designing a website, achieving accessibility web design, adding images and videos, conducting quality assurance tests, and so much more.

It is no secret that a well-designed website can generate better customer traffic and ultimately leads to increased conversions. Earn trust with the help of a clean, engaging website design. While creativity can play a vital role, some basic rules about user experience and website design can prove to be helpful.

When designing or creating your website, you should take into account the following suggestions.

Keep the Design Simple

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The world of website design has embraced simplicity, focusing on the basics and moving away from bells and whistles. From a user perspective, this makes sites easier to navigate. Keep the layout simple, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Clean, functional layouts will also help your website load faster and be easy to use and navigate on different devices and browsers. The simpler your website layout, the better. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, but it does mean it should focus on the essentials. Clean, functional designs make your site easier to load, navigate, and to be used on different platforms and devices.

Eye-Catching Colors Can Enhance Your Website Design

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Choosing the colors for your website is not as easy as it sounds. These colors will provide the foundation of your entire website design, and then you might want to choose contrasting colors for other interface elements, like Call-To-Action buttons.

You must keep in mind the color palette of your brand/business when you’re choosing these colors. Choosing the right colors can encourage your website’s visitors to further actions and build brand recognition.

Go With Easy-to-Read and Attractive Fonts

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If you want to create an engaging website design, readability is what you should achieve. However, the font you choose should also be attractive and visually balanced to make your website text clear and intriguing.

Choose a top trending font or fonts from the ADA compliant font list so that you can make your website design engaging for all users.

Use Clear Calls to Action and Easy Navigation

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What do you want your site visitors to do by engaging with your website? Sign up; Buy products or services; Make donations? It is where you think about your calls to action. If you want to use Call-To-Action buttons in your website design, make sure the text is short and direct.

Design these so that they stand out to a visitor who is taking a look at your website. Moreover, if you want to make your website more engaging, you need to make it easy for visitors to navigate through your website. If they can get around quickly, they should get where they want to and engage even further.

While it is tempting to do something creative with a website’s navigation menu design, simple and clear architecture is the way to go. A menu that will help visitors feel more comfortable as they navigate through your website.


Websites play a vital role for businesses/brands looking to reach out to online customers worldwide. However, only a perfectly carved-out web design will convince its visitors to stay and engage. Creating an engaging website from scratch is a big step.

However, to ensure you don’t miss anything, you can create a checklist that includes all essential items. You could also reach out to a website design company, like a website development company in New York, which will take care of all the significant aspects of designing a website for you.

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