Top Five Slack Alternatives in 2022 to Collaborate With Your Team and Get Work Done

Slack is an enterprise messaging medium that links individuals to the knowledge they demand. Slack modified the way companies interact by bringing individuals together to work as one united team. It makes working smoother and more structured. Instead of unending email chains, work is done in Slack channels, adaptable locations for all the people, tools, and files you’ll need to get things done.

Slack offers a lot of the addicting qualities of social media, such as push alerts and emojis. Some people dislike Slack because it moves at a breakneck pace, making it difficult to keep track of what’s going on. It could indicate that your staff spends a lot of time monitoring Slack and not enough time working. If you don’t like Slack, there are a few more options to consider.

1. Chanty


You may start or join a call with Chanty from everywhere. With a single button press, go from typing messages to establishing a video call. You can share your screen or let someone else share theirs during a video conference to display what you’re working on.

To enjoy wiser cooperation with your deadline-driven team, create new tasks from scratch, or transform every message into a task. With support for up to 1000 video participants and 49 videos on screen, you can bring 4K video and audio to your meetings. You will constantly be reminded of a deadline with Chanty’s due date function, and any task’s status and priority can be managed.

2. Fleep


Fleep is built around conversations. It’s designed to stay connected and exchange ideas, which you can organize around projects, teams, or anything else. You can highlight any decision or plan on the conversation’s Pinboard, then establish tasks to manage execution. You can do it all without signing out or in and communicating with any other Fleep user or team.

Look for and join the conversation with your partners or clients. Send them an invite to join Fleep if they haven’t already. Fleep claims to assist you in working smarter, better, and faster. It’s more than simply a team chat or collaboration software; it also has project management capabilities. It stands out from the competition with task management, pinboards, teams, and file management features.

3. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger uses end-to-end encryption for all of your emails, chats, meetings, and documents. Also, Troop Messenger encrypts your data using tried-and-true security standards. Your Troop Messenger administrator will have complete control over the features and services readily accessible to the app’s users.

The Audit Logs module provides a clear image and analytics of application usage. You have the option of exporting the audit logs or connecting to a Syslog server for additional investigation. To safeguard access control to your collaborative platform, use multi-factor authentication.

This supplementary protection layer can be deployed utilizing a variety of techniques. In addition, Troop Messenger is a customer workplace chat program with modern functionality that caters to your business’s demands and requirements. It keeps all of your discussions and files in sync across all platforms. With this collaboration software, you can take your team’s interaction to the next level.

4. Flock


Make a channel for anything worth talking about, from team projects to corporate initiatives with Flock. Get rid of the squabbles created by sloppy chats and emails. To gain a better handle on the job, work async. The installed video and voice calling technology in Flock keeps your staff engaged and engaged across all of your devices, no matter where they are working.

Flock provides a comprehensive set of shared efficiency tools to help cross-functional teams stay on track. With secure, real-time file sharing, you can hold data flowing safely throughout your company. Shared notes, to-dos, and reminders keep stakeholders informed and track projects. Finally, connect the apps your members regularly utilize to Flock and say goodbye to context switching and interruptions.

5. Google Chat

Google Chat

With Google Chat, teams can interact seamlessly and quickly wherever they are, whether via direct messaging or group conversations. It allows you to connect with your colleagues easily and elevate group collaboration by using shared conversation, documents, and assignments.

You can use this tool on its own or in your Gmail. Also, it helps you keep track of professional communication and choose the best channel for each chat with the help of seamlessly connected tools. Organizations use spaces to have topic-based discussions to share information and ideas, move projects ahead, and improve team culture.

With Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, use Chat and Spaces to collaborate on documents whenever you want. With the tool’s search, you can easily get to what you need, and let bots and intelligent suggestions help you engage with meeting participants and get more done quicker.


This list includes Slack alternatives that are appropriate for a variety of businesses. The optimal option is determined by your current software platform, environment, and team size. In the end, it’s all about what works best for your business.

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