Top Five Tools That Will Help You in Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing’s role in the corporate sector is well acknowledged and understood. As a result, debating whether or not a company should invest in it is out of the question. One might create a unique product on the market, build it with incredible features, and offer it the fairest price.  However, if your consumers fail to recognize its value, what is the point of it? To roll out your product and let people know about it, you’ll need a solid marketing plan.

In simpler words, while investment and management are like food and water, marketing is the oxygen your business breathes, and without which your business may perish. Lack of proper marketing may reduce sales and even a company’s demise, as per a LinkedIn article by renowned Chef Bilal. This article compiles a list of the top five tools that can help you in your marketing campaigns.

An Effective Marketing Campaign

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If you merely write a few random lines of material and publish it on your social networking sites now and then in the hopes of seeing an increase in sales, you’re on the wrong route. Today’s client is very informed and seeks companies that offer value.

To reach such a consumer, your marketing campaign must be well-planned. These steps may help along the way:

  • Determine your target audience and the results you wish to achieve from the campaign.
  • Divide duties amongst team members for a smooth workflow.
  • Involve a social media influencer if possible.
  • Incorporate marketing tools to save time and reduce manual workload.
  • Devote ample time and resources to create enticing marketing copy.
  • Implement the campaign and measure results along the way.

Top Five Tools That Will Help You in Your Marketing Campaign

We aim to provide you with a list of tools that help in each aspect of a marketing campaign. Here are our top five picks:

1. Trello


Any marketing campaign’s success hinges on collaboration. However, verbally assigning duties and giving deadlines can lead to a lot of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and, in some cases, the campaign’s ultimate failure. Trello is an excellent answer to the issue mentioned above.

This online project management software has several collaborative features that can assign tasks, establish deadlines, track progress, and even move work from one stage to the next. Changes you make are updated in real-time, and every one is entirely aware of and accountable for their duties, reducing the risk of errors.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

As previously said, identifying your target market and the goals you want to achieve is critical. That means you’ll need to figure out the volume of traffic entering your site and what they do on it. Knowing these facts will enable you to analyze your consumers’ behavior and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics is a potent analytics tool that most businesses use. Its most basic capabilities allow you to track the number of visitors to your website, their geographic origins, whether they came through mobile or desktop, and the most popular pages on your site.

Aside from that, you may obtain a thorough study of your site’s bounce rates and visitor history. All of these variables together will assist you in determining your consumers’ likes and dislikes and designing your marketing strategy.

3. Mailchimp


Whether interacting with warm leads or cold email outreach campaigns, email marketing is always a part of every business’s marketing strategy.  But preparing and sending an email from scratch for each customer on your massive database and then waiting blindly for their response is not the way to go. Not when time is money, and there are options like Mailchimp available at your disposal.

This fantastic email marketing management tool provides you with an array of well-crafted templates tailored to your target audience’s characteristics and allows you to create your own. Furthermore, this tool gives you vital information about your email campaign by disclosing click rates, open rates, and an in-depth report as needed.

Hence, you will successfully identify the shortcomings and successes of your current campaign and plan the next one more apprehensively.

4. Hemingway


The quality of your written content and how you convey a message determine the perception built in your audiences’ eyes. If your content is too long and grammar-deficient, your readers may lose interest, and the message may not be adequately communicated if it is too short. Similarly, too sophisticated terminology or overly plain writing produce comparable consequences.

Hemingway is an excellent tool that helps you manage the quality of your marketing copy. The tool enhances your grammar and provides a readability score to help you evaluate the understandability of your copy. Moreover, it will also provide you with valuable suggestions on making your text more appealing such as changes in vocabulary, sentence structure, etc.

5. Nuwber


Diversity is another important aspect of a sound marketing strategy. Using email outreach or social network postings will get the job done, but not optimally. Involving a social media influencer has grown increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: they have a large fan following that might convert prospective consumers.

However, reaching out to these individuals might be difficult. Your message may get lost in the flow because their official accounts are frequently flooded with fan messages. It will be more effective to approach these influencers using their personal contact information.

Nuwber is a reliable tool for this. Type the complete name of an influencer into the search window and hit enter. Their information will appear in the results, which you may use to contact them. The tool can also be used to find contact details of your customers for email campaigns, newsletters, and other projects.

| Bonus point

Leadar is another useful resource to implement in your marketing campaign. Not only will it help you build your client base, but it will also help segmenting them.


A well-planned and implemented marketing campaign often generate remarkable results. And incorporating a few tools that might be even better options than Smartsheet to automate the manual work saves time, energy, and money, ultimately making the campaign more cost-effective. Hence, utilizing the five tools mentioned above will be pretty rewarding for any business.

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