Best Slack Bots to Improve Your Marketing

Although the central Slack platform offers all of the functionality required for remote office communication, several extra useful functionalities may be added through integrations. Slack bots are among the integrations available in the Slack app directory. They automate platform operations to improve communication, provide new features, and save time on repetitive chores.


With so many Slack bots available, choosing one to add to your workplace may be challenging. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best Slack bots for your office. Most of these bots are free (or have limited-feature free plans) and may be used with any Slack program. We will explain how to integrate these bots to Slack and how to develop new slack bots for your work towards the conclusion of this post.

1. Slack Scheduler

Slack Scheduler

Slack Scheduler lets you schedule any communication in Slack to be sent at a later time. Scheduling messages helps teams operating in various time zones to interact more efficiently by eliminating late-night pings and ensuring essential messages are seen.

Scheduling messages also allows you to batch your Slack time, and founders may now schedule critical announcements to go out at certain times.

2.‘s Slack bot assists you in conversationally managing your everyday activities. There is no need for orders in this situation. Put in a query, such as “What are my tasks?” and the bot will advise you to ensure you’re on track with your job.

This Slack bot may also create new tasks, delegate current ones to a coworker, or even email oneself reminders. All entries will then be shown on the desktop version of, but it’s a lot more enjoyable to have a clever bot notify you of everything that happens.

3. Astrobot


Astrobot is another productivity-oriented bot that focuses on calendars and emails. Astrobot can arrange emails into a priority inbox, separating essential emails from everything else and making them easily accessible on Slack.

The bot can also unsubscribe you from mailing lists, search, archive, delete, mark as read, or move emails from specific senders, folders, or time ranges. It can also clear your trash or junk mail by simply typing “Zap.”

4. Nuzzle


Nuzzle is an excellent Slack bot for marketers that want to receive tailored briefings on the latest social media news and trends. Users may get market insights and contribute to disseminating the most recent industry updates before anybody else.

In addition, Nuzzle continually records anything the Slack user instructs it to track, which is beneficial for marketing teams because marketing tactics must remain consistent with what generates the most leads, prospects, and consumers. Because social media trends change quickly, marketing teams must use tools like Nuzzle to ensure that they do not fall behind.

5. Standuply


Do you want to avoid the dreaded stand-up meetings that may eat up an hour of your time? The Standuply Slack app acts as your personal digital Scrum master, running asynchronous meetings via text, voice, or video to track team performance.

To begin, use the Standuply desktop software and select from various reports such as the Classic Standup report, Retrospective report, Kanban Standup report, and many more. These will be automatically delivered to users based on specified time and published as reports on a channel of your choosing. Consider the following standup meeting questions:

The Standuply Slack app’s basic functionality is limited to running reports and manually creating a standup meeting report. Check out their other Slack applications for various activities like generating polls or adding follow-up messages: StandupIy-Ping, Poll-StandupIy, StandupIy-Voice, StandupIy-Video, and StandupIy-News.

6. AttendanceBot


AttendanceBot is a timecard and scheduling bot. It may be used to track PTO and vacation days, sick days, remote work, and employee shift scheduling. Employees may use the bot to request time off, and admins can enhance it and add it to the bot’s schedule. Employees can also use it to clock in and leave during the workday.

AttendanceBot is free for up to 5 people in tiny workplaces. Larger teams can select from three plans: good ($2/user/mo), better ($4/user/mo), and best ($6/user/ You can establish unique leave kinds, reminders, and notifications, announcements, and easy approval with good plans.

The more expensive plan includes multi-level approvals, recurring leaves, time monitoring, breaks, timesheets, hourly leaves, and calendar integration. Overtime, shift management, project time tracking, and bespoke reporting are all part of the ideal strategy.


We recognize that some of these Slack bots may appear repetitious in their offerings. Still, every business is unique, and very few bots can do all a business requires. We propose for your company to test out numerous bots that cover a wide variety of activities – even if there is some overlap.

Bots are an excellent method to make Slack a more personalized internal communication platform that meets the unique demands of your organization. These six Slack bots are a fantastic place to start if your marketing team wants to enhance its marketing in 2021, but Slack has many more, so be sure to check them out as well.

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