The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Social Media Tools

We all know how influential social media platforms are these days. Quite literally billions of people have social media profiles, so if you want to reach as many people as possible the chances are you’ll look there. However, setting everything up and managing it properly can take up a lot of your time. Not to mention the fact that your posts need to be of high quality.

If you’re running a blog or a small (or even medium-sized business), you probably can’t be logged in all the time. That’s where social media tools come in.

It’s all about helping you organize yourself so that you need to spend as little time as possible on social networks while at the same time achieving excellent results. Also, they can help a whole lot with creating more engaging posts.

Of course, the price of these tools also has a role to play. With that said, let’s take a look at some examples that will make this guide to choosing the right social media tools much clearer.

1. Canva


On many social networks, images have a prominent place. A beautiful image will easily capture your audience’s attention, so you want to be able to create one quickly, easily and without needing to hire a designer. Canva is the solution for that.

You simply drag and drop the elements you want or use one of the many templates available to create something that will wow your visitors. A huge library is there to meet your every need with quite literally hundreds of thousands of items you can use as you please.

Literally, any kind of image can be created, even the ones with a speech bubble stuck to them. Thousands of stickers, effects, and whatever else you can think of is just a click away.

The best part of all of this is that Canva has an excellent free version, although you can upgrade that starting with 12.95$ per month. Therefore, when it comes to creating images for your social network accounts, this tool is really hard to beat.

2. BuzzSumo


But what if you need data? If you want to see what kind of content you need to create? BuzzSumo will give you all the info you need quickly and easily.

The concept is fairly simple: you pick a keyword and BuzzSumo shows you the content that is doing best with regards to that particular keyword. So, you can take a look at what the best content creators are doing and maybe find out what your missing.

Therefore, BuzzSumo can be vital for creating your content strategy: it can help you decide which keywords to target and show you what works and what doesn’t.

You can test this social media tool for free for seven days, and then you make a choice – there are four packages starting from 99$ a month. However, if you go for an annual subscription, you will get 20% off, which is certainly something worth considering.

3. Buffer


These days, many people have accounts on more than one social network. If your business is like that too, you may consider investing in a tool that will help you manage all those accounts from the same place, making you much more efficient.

The name of that social media tool is Buffer and it can do all sorts of wonderful things for you. The main feature of this product is that it allows you to schedule and create a post for multiple social network accounts from one place. However, you can do much more than just that.

Buffer is great if you have a whole team working on your social media accounts as it allows simple and efficient communication between team members. You can easily give feedback, set reminders, and do a lot of other stuff like that.

Buffer comes with a free two-week trial, and after that, you can choose to stay on a free package or buy one of three other packages starting from 15$ a month (20% discount applies on annual subscriptions).

4. Feedly


Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have everything that interests you in one big feed to scroll through as you like? Well, with Feedly, you can do just that! Simply choose the RSS feeds that interest you and put them into Feedly. That way you extract everything and clump it together, thus creating a constant flow of relevant information.

The result is one feed of news and posts you yourself curate, which saves you a lot of time, first and foremost. But apart from that, you can also easily see the latest news from the field that interests you, see what’s trending, and maybe get a new idea for your content strategy.

It’s also a way to quickly see what your competition is up to. You’d be surprised how many enlightening insights one can get this way.

Regarding pricing, after a free trial, you can choose one of three account packages which are billed annually, starting from 6$ a month.

5. Klear


Aiming to use influencers to promote your brand? Klear can help you find the right influencer for you. It shows you their numbers and then allows you to filter them out to help you make the right decision on who to contact about cooperation.

In fact, there are many other useful features this tool comes with, so you will be able to measure the performance of a campaign and each influencer you work with individually. Plus, the interface is very intuitive and easy to use, and you can have many people on your list at the same time and simply scroll through them quickly.

In terms of pricing, Klear does things a bit differently. They do not have their prices stated outright on their website, but rather tailor price models according to the needs of every client. Furthermore, you can also sign up for a demo and a Klear team member will get in touch with you quickly.


We hope you liked our picks for the best social media tools on the market. Remember, always make a decision according to your needs and budget. That way you’ll surely end up with a satisfying installation/purchase. Whatever social networking site you are using, purchasing the best tool for your social site will always help to grow. For example if you are a TikTok user and willing to get a bot for your account, then you should search for the best TikTok bot services and read all their offerings to understand it clearly. Then make your decision.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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