5 Tips to Get Customers to Leave Google Reviews and Thus Help Promote Your Business for Free

Every business owner knows that very few customers actually leave a product review, no matter if their experience was negative or positive.

So, if your products are good, you’ll have plenty of returning customers. But how are you going to expand your market and get new customers? Well, when people are unsure about buying a product, they Google it. It’s especially important when they want to buy something costly like gold or a car. The same applies to car insurance as well. To get auto insurance from a reliable and reputed insurance provider, you can click here, and to get auto clicker insurance from a reliable and reputed insurance provider, you can click here. It also works for time-sensitive products. For sure, people want to pay someone to write a paper and receive it in time. They’re looking for reviews to make sure their money won’t be wasted. That’s why having reviews on your site as well as Google reviews is of utmost importance.

Considering reviews do tend to be a rare breed on the internet, here are our best tips on how to get customers to leave more reviews.

1. Ask them to

Don’t get the wrong idea, don’t just straight up ask customers to leave a product review. There are far better, more subtle ways that can be implemented and have been known to work.

The best way to do this is by opening your pitch with an open-ended question. Something along the lines of “How are you liking x product” or “Need to make a repurchase of x product?”.

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You do this to start communication as well as gauge your customer’s satisfaction. If they are truly happy with the product, then they will probably be more open to talking to you and answering your on-site questions and requests.

When they choose to engage and possibly even rate your product, make sure there’s a “write a review” option nearby. Either a button (if you decide to put this in an email) or just an open text box.

2. Make leaving a review as easy as you possibly can

One of the main reasons why people tend to avoid leaving reviews is because they see it as a hassle. In their minds, you’re just there looking for a free promo and are taking away some of their precious time in order to do so.

That’s why you need to be as inviting as possible. That’s also why you should always make it incredibly easy to leave a review.

You can do this by adding multiple options for leaving a review and let the customer choose what works best for them.

Another smart thing to do is create a prompt of some sort. In addition to not leaving reviews because they find it tiresome, most people just don’t know what to write. So, give them a few suggestions, steer the way. The most efficient way to do this is by asking a question in the review section that will clearly lead the answer.

3. Respond to your existing reviews

Let’s face the facts; most people think that nobody reads the reviews even if they leave them. So, why bother, right? Well, by showing all of your existing and future customers that you are active and care about their opinions, they’ll be way more likely to actually communicate with you. This also goes for negative reviews.

Speaking of negative reviews, you should always make sure to reply to them too. By doing that, you’ll show how much you care about customer satisfaction and that you are more than willing to fix any problems that might arise.

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This goes without saying, but just in case, we shall mention it anyways. Make sure never to sound defensive when replying to negative feedback. Instead, acknowledge the problem the reviewer has, apologize and promise to fix it either for them in this situation or in the future if it’s something a bit more abstract.

This entices customers to leave comments and reviews, gives you more credibility, and makes your brand seem trustworthy.

4. Give them a reason

As we’ve already mentioned, leaving a review takes time. Maybe not a lot of time in reality, but it seems like time wasted to your customers. That’s why you need to give them some sort of incentive to leave a review.

Positive reviews are extremely important for any brand’s image and overall public perception. So, make leaving them worth your customers’ time.

Let’s explain briefly what is meant by this.

A great example of this technique is the giant online store called YesStyle. They have implemented a points system. By leaving either a negative or a positive review for any of the products they sell on their site, you get a certain amount of points. Those points are then collected and can, at a later point in time, be exchanged for smaller discounts.

This is a great technique to get more reviews, as it gives something back to the customer for spending their time on leaving you feedback. And don’t worry about giving away discounts, they are really only symbolic.

5. Use a tool designed for the purpose

If you want to take things to the next level and boost your positive brand awareness to the max, we recommend you use something like Word of Mouth BOT. This is a reputation marketing tool that happens to be really easy to use, no matter your experience level. This tool’s main task is to funnel new customers ready to click “purchase” – all without you having to try and do it on your own.

Word of Mouth BOT landing page

By using it, you can place reviews where they matter the most and make sure your reviews are positive across all platforms. You can also use it to get your customers to write longer and more elaborate reviews, which is ultimately amazing for SEO and your ranking.

Word of Mouth BOT is probably your best bet at protecting your business’ reputation while sky-rocketing your SEO and brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article helpful and are now ready to promote your business with reviews and get more positive reviews than ever before. Remember, individual effort is great, but it can only do so much, so do think about getting a helping hand like Word of Mouth BOT.

If you have any further questions or queries, make sure to leave a comment!

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