Best Online Tools to Get You More E-Commerce Customers in 2021

E-commerce has truly boomed in the last couple of years. Online shopping is now more popular than ever before, and it’s showing no signs of ceasing to grow in the near future. Recent research has shown that over half of the population prefers shopping online, and that’s a massive market with a lot of potential for making money and growing a successful business.

However, its popularity might be a double-edged sword. Sure, there are more people out there open to online shopping, but there’s also a lot more competition, and it’s hard to stand out and find your niche. That’s why your marketing strategy needs to be efficient and innovative.

And maybe you don’t even have the budget to purchase any ad space. Does that mean your store is hopeless and there’s no way to grow in a timely manner? Of course not. There are other ways to grow that don’t include purchasing expensive ads on YouTube or Facebook, for example.

Some don’t even include marketing but focus more on building trust with your existing customers and keeping them coming back. There’s also the option to make your store more interesting and a stand-out amongst the myriad of faceless shops. But, how can you do this? Luckily, there are tools on the market that can help you grow quicker, get more customers and draw attention to your store.

In today’s article, we’ll be presenting you with quick reviews of the best ones!

1. Reeview


Reeview is a tool that will search, verify, and show product reviews in a video format directly to your customers. This tool was specifically designed for e-commerce businesses to offer unbiased, trustworthy reviews of the products they sell. Because it was designed for e-commerce stores, Reeview is very easy to install, and it does everything automatically.

As soon as you upload a new product, Reeview automatically searches for YouTube reviews that are going to be implemented on your website. If there are multiple reviews for the same product and Reeview uploads the wrong videos, you can always reorganize them and add the reviews you want.

This tool will always suggest the videos you can safely show on your website; the videos it suggests are automatically verified. However, if you want human verification, you can always activate it as an option.

Reeview is also a verified YouTube partner, which means that every video is uploaded accordingly. In addition, you do not have to worry about any of the links being broken, ever. If you end up having any problems with the tool, you can always contact their customer service. They’re always happy to help.

Reeview is a freemium tool, which means that there is a free version of the tool, but with limited features. The prices for the paid version go from $19 per month, all the way to $99 per month, and every pricing plan offers a 14-day free trial.

2. Dialogue


Dialogue is a tool that will serve as a personal assistant during online shopping. This tool recognizes and applies the shoppers’ patterns to provide a personal experience.

With the integrated AI system this tool has, it delivers relevant messages to the customer in real-time to enhance sales numbers.

The process has three steps: collecting information about the buyer in order to optimize search results, sorting and analyzing them, and finally composing a personalized message for the buyer. After that, the AI matches the messages with the buyers and sends them out in real-time; all of that just to drive sales.

By going to its website, you can fill out a form and request a demo version of the tool to test it out before making any decisions.

3. WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects

Now, let us talk about what we can do if a link gets broken. The WP 301 Redirects plugin is a great tool to have just in case because it will automatically redirect users to a valid site/page, even though the link itself is not valid anymore.

This plugin will redirect real users and show a 404 page to bad bots. Any redirection can be handled directly and individually; if a URL changes, the plugin will recognize that and automatically set up redirection, so your users always end up finding the desired content.

Plus, with the plugin’s built-in charts, you can see exactly how the redirects are affecting your website, as well as how many redirects occur per day and where your traffic is coming from. If you have problems, customer support is always there to help you as quickly as possible.

There is currently a sale going on, and this plugin is now cheaper than ever. The yearly subscriptions range from $39 to $149, depending on the features you need.

4. Inviid


Inviid is a tool that will allow you to take any video from YouTube as a part of a promotion or a review, and it will enable you to tag products within the video. The shopper can pause the video at any time, click on the product shown in the video, and directly check out and buy the product.

You don’t have to go around and try to find a product after watching a video. Simply click on the tag, and it will take you directly to the checkout.

Inviid integrates directly with Shopify for e-commerce features, and its user interface will show you all the views, clicks, and shares. Inviid is a free tool that will be an excellent addition to your e-commerce website.

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a tool that will allow you to create email marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. It has a smart email editor that will help you create and send out great-looking email campaigns; plus, they will be fully responsive, so they’re bound to look great on any device.

These email campaigns will constantly remind your customers about sales and promotions you have going on, and this will help you generate more sales and attract more customers.

You can also use this tool for advertising your shop on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to spread your reach even further.

With Constant Contact, you will also have access to detailed reports and insights to help you with further optimization and growth.

There are two pricing plans for this tool, and the prices go from $20 per month to $45 per month. If you do decide to get this tool, the first month is free.

6. Nudgify


Nudgify is a tool powered by real-time data that will increase sales and signups. Some of its features include showing off conversions and signups as a way to increase trust between you and the customer, showing real-time stock data with an automatic feed, creating and customizing your own nudges, and using premade nudges for e-commerce websites.

Nudgify supports over 25 different languages, and with it, you can create custom links that will take the customer from one page to another in a matter of seconds.

There are four pricing plans for this tool, and some of the prices are as low as 99 cents for the Lite version. The most expensive plan, the Agency plan, costs $89.

Wrapping Up

Taking your store to the next level and attracting more customers can seem really hard, and sometimes it is. But luckily, there are many tools out there that can help make the process easier and faster.

If you’re selling good, high-quality products, you’ve already got the basics covered, and these tools can help you take the next step and grow your store over time.

Have any other handy solutions? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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