Instagram eCommerce Tools to Boost Your Sales in 2021

Instagram is probably not the most substantial social media of all, but it is definitely among the leaders. It won’t be a secret in 2021, for anyone, that it is necessary to adopt Instagram to drive purchases, as it became an everyday need and reality.

Furthermore, Instagram is a highly effective platform for building brand awareness and creating an image that will generate customers and income. So, what are they, the tools and SMM services that will pump up your sales? You will find an answer below.

1. Plann


Let’s start with managing because Plann is exactly about successful content control. This tool is a real find, as first of all, it provides analytics on many levels and reminds you about the best time to post, but also it gives some free templates and picture editing opportunities.

Plann is an all-in-one service that can offer you everything from stories and posts to dealing with comments and mentions. With this app, tracking and immediate responding won’t be challenging for you anymore.

2. Like2Buy


Like2Buy is a number one tool for eCommerce website owners. This exceptional app puts a link in your profile and generates an additional landing page where all of your products and goods from the original site are presented.

Like2Buy productively manages and connects your Instagram and your website and, at the same time, targets your lookalike audience. It shows your products to the people who have already seen your posts and even provides an opportunity to track the likes to identify the most popular posts.

3. Iconosquare


You may think this is just another analytics tool, but it’s better than you could imagine. Iconosquare platform supports your account and displays your performance compared to your competitors. It gives you information about habits, hashtags, and even the history of posting so that you will know your opponent’s every step.

What’s more, the tool provides data about every hashtag and mask influence on your audience, identifies the area of the most frequent audience engagement, and comes up with complete statistics on every action and how it reflects on followers.

4. Followadder


When you have analyzed your performance, it’s time to go hard and take action. Follow Adder went further and produced some unique aspects like comments back and likes back. Also, it follows and unfollows users and collects user data to create email lists.

They even provide direct messages and thank you messages, so you don’t have to look for other bots. Another little option is to choose to ignore profiles set to private.

Follow Adder is a time-saving and cost-efficient platform, which best feature is the successful management of loyalty and promotional programs.

5. Reposter


The following Instagram service is not so global as previous ones but can also be beneficial with its features. Reposter assists you in reposting photos, videos, stories, and IGTV. The most important thing is that the app does it all without a watermark on reposts and contains optionally added attribution.

Moreover, it has free access, and you can repost an unlimited number of content. It’s simple but definitely will make your life a bit easier.

6. Cleaner for Ins

Cleaner for Ins

Cleaner for Ins is the other tiny app that will deal with all dirty jobs for you. It will help you to get rid of all bots and fake followers.

Also, it can unfollow all the people with only one tap and handle with a mass photo or video deleting. However, you have to consider that you can delete no more than 50 images within one hour from your account.

7. HashtagsforLikes


With this app, you will forget about wasting time searching for new hashtags. Hashtags for Likes will provide you with more than 5000 hashtags and display the most popular, trending, and growing hashtags.

Besides, it automatically produces a tag for your images, if you want so, and there is a possibility to create your custom tags. This app is what you need to increase your Instagram presence and brand awareness.


Here we’ve presented our best quality, practical Instagram eCommerce tools that will not only drive purchases but will help engage new leads and build a strong brand. Remember, Instagram shouldn’t be difficult, and it won’t be with the aid of these platforms.

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