Why Is SEO Important for eCommerce?

There are hundreds of millions of product searches on Google every day, but how well are you tapping into this. Is your eCommerce store exclusively looking at running paid campaigns to generate traffic? It isn’t sustainable, nor is it cheap according to seo qatar.

Other avenues include social media, email, and other traditional marketing methods. However, what is most crucial is search engine optimization (SEO): the process of optimizing your website to perform well in the search results (SERPs).

So why is SEO important for eCommerce? Let’s take a look.

How Does SEO Help eCommerce

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The importance of adopting best practice SEO for your website cannot be overstressed. Over half of website traffic comes from organic search. It is a giant pool of searchers that are right there, ready for you.

Ranking in first place on Google makes you over ten times more likely to receive a click than ranking in the tenth spot. Let’s look at just some of the amazing benefits that come with eCommerce SEO.

1. Less Advertising Spending

Most eCommerce stores will have deployed paid advertising efforts at some point. The traffic generated from channels such as Google Search, Display, or Shopping ads comes at a cost. This can be in the form of cost per impression, cost per click (pay per click – PPC), or cost per conversion. Of course, the placement of many online adverts, such as banner ads, comes at a cost.

The most successful eCommerce websites will continue to have organic search efforts at the forefront of their minds. SEO is a much more cost-effective method of gaining traffic to your website – it eliminates all of the aforementioned overheads. In addition, SEO provides stores with the opportunity to generate quality, high intent traffic at a minimal cost.

It’s important to consider combining any SEO efforts with other campaigns. An integrated approach holds benefits for a plethora of activities. It will further boost your visibility in the SERPs and give you more data to help with the respective SEO and PPC strategies.

2. Long Term Benefits

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Paid campaigns are a surefire way to quickly generate traffic to your eCommerce store and, done correctly, will yield some incredible results. However, for some, PPC may very well be a one-and-done approach – stop throwing cash at a campaign, and you’ll see the results disappear.

Yes, SEO is a more time-consuming exercise. The traffic you garner from ranking in the SERPs is more prolonged over time. However, the returns, in the long run, are truly staggering.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on your priority landing pages and seeing if they’re still optimized. After all, other competitors might come into play, and Google will change its ranking factors, such as releasing new core updates, which always sends SEOs into a panic. So, patience is required.

3. Increases Visibility

Those who choose not to adopt best practice SEO miss out on a huge opportunity to improve visibility. It’s all well, and good running paid campaigns for a set of keywords, but what about the endless number of queries users are searching for every day?

Producing informative content that answers questions are a surefire of gaining traffic to your website. Having a dedicated blog area is a great place to store such content, and you should never underestimate its importance. Also, having high-quality content will improve your visibility. Improved visibility will improve traffic. Higher traffic will lead to more sales and leads.

4. Builds Trust

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Not everybody trusts an advert. After all, without social proofing, it is simply the advertiser’s word boasting about how great its product or service is. When you rank organically in a high position in the SERPs, you convey a higher element of trustworthiness/authority. Your website and its content must be legitimate as otherwise, it wouldn’t be ranking so well.

Trust and how Google organizes its SERPs work almost in tandem with one another. It discovers the content and finds it useful for its searchers. This means more users visit that website which is another ranking factor for the search engine – as it learns that the site is more credible and trustworthy.

Is SEO Worth It for eCommerce

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be ‘Is SEO worth it for eCommerce?’. SEO is a more cost-effective means of generating traffic for your website, cutting out all of the overheads that come with running a paid campaign. The benefits speak volumes, from increased traffic to higher visibility. However, if you want to get the best results from your efforts, you should find top eCommerce marketing agencies that can help you and do the heavy lifting each step of the way.

The benefits you will witness from an SEO strategy and improving visibility will last indefinitely – as long as you monitor your landing pages. So, don’t delay; outrank your competitors today! Instead, the question should: ‘When should I begin optimizing for search?’, and the answer is ‘Right now!’.

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