Is Shopify the Best Start for E-Commerce Business?

Before you hire a team of web developers for your Shopify web development London, you must be sure this is what you want. Today, there are many online platforms available to choose from for your e-commerce business. Although the more the choices, the harder it gets to determine which one is perfect for your business.

Besides, in the modern competitive market, the room for error is very marginal. To start your e-commerce business, the platform you choose is very crucial. Whether you go with Shopify or not, you must carry out comprehensive research to back your decision.

Shopify E-Commerce Platform


If you have been digging out information about the same for a while, you might already know that Shopify is considered one of the best platforms. It is a simple, user-friendly platform that is suitable for both small and large online stores.

It is currently among the leading e-commerce platforms, with many active online stores already running. But simply knowing this is no good reason to start with your Shopify web development London right away. You must learn why is Shopify the best? What features does it have, or how can it support your business? Only then can you make an informed decision.

Find out how Shopify is the best start for your e-commerce business below:

Shopify is Easy to Handle

One of many reasons behind the popularity of Shopify is the ease of use it offers. It can be easily managed without a lot of hard work or effort made. Shopify has a straightforward dashboard that makes almost all the tasks very convenient. Here, you get to manage and handle your store and every data according to you without requiring any technical knowledge.

The easy functionality that Shopify provides has been its top USP. As a business owner, you want something as tricky as this to be as simpler as possible. With Shopify, you save a significant amount of your time invested in some other area that will help improve your online business.

Extensive Range of Features and Tools

Tools on keyboard

Further, Shopify has a plethora of tools and features lined up for you to exploit. Each one of these tools aims at making Shopify web development easier for you. For your online professional store requirements, these tools have a vital role to play. Some of these features that you can use include analytics, reports, mobile access, shopping cart, etc.

If you hire or meet up with a Shopify web development service provider, London, you can get a better understanding. The experts you recruit for your e-store development project must be skilled and experienced enough to put these tools and features to best use and come up with a quality end product.

Shopify is Ideal for New Online Businesses

Shopify is a platform that will allow you to get your business online and up and running in no time. It consists of all the essential, necessary tools that a developer needs to get a website started. Along with that, you will find enough advanced tools too on your dashboard. Also, with this e-commerce platform, you get to increase your audience reach straightaway.

When you sell through Shopify, you don’t just get to do it online but also through a physical store (if you have). You can sell via your mobile phones to attract customers to your offline shop as well. Or you can if you are interested in doing so in the future. Since it is a well-established platform now, you gain access to many merchants and developers that could prove beneficial.

In-Built Marketing Tools

Target market chart

If you have only started your e-commerce business, you need strong marketing as well. And as a Shopify user, you get the luxury of having in-built marketing tools. When you use these tools initially, you have a great deal of your budget instead of getting them from outside. Shopify’s default marketing helps you enhance your visibility on the search engines.

Here you get in-built meta tags to feature that lets you add titles and descriptions on any page, product, or blog. Additionally, Shopify will generate sitemaps for the products, CMS, blogs, and collections individually, ensuring that the Google crawler can efficiently crawl and index each page. So, you don’t need to produce a separate sitemap in Shopify.

Improved Website Speed and Security


A viewer’s retention on a website depends majorly upon its speed, and it becomes even more essential for a relatively new business. If you want to lure traffic and make customers stay, don’t give them a website with a slow loading speed, which is where Shopify proves a good pick. Here, you get an optimal Page Load speed by leveraging CDN.

The faster your website’s loading speed is, the more successful your e-commerce store will be. As far as safety is concerned, Shopify comes with a highly secure integration for the users. It is equipped with data encryption tools and certified according to the Level 1 PCI DSS standard.

Shopify Offers Low-Cost Entry

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If you have searched well, you probably are familiar with different low-cost open-source e-commerce business solutions available. However, even though they do sound low-cost, you eventually end up dealing with many hidden costs. On the other hand, Shopify does charge you a monthly fee but has all the expenses out in the open included in the package.

Here, you get the value for the money you spend. Shopify facilitates you with different packages, including primary and advanced options to choose from. You can go through each of these plans, see which one is suited for your needs and then buy one without any additional spendings. You can also consult an expert on Shopify web development, London, if you are doubtful which plan might work best for you.


Now that you have enough information to help you figure out if Shopify is the best start for an e-commerce business, it’s time to put your ideas to work. Find a reliable organization for Shopify web development in London and get started with your website development project.

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