Top Code Assessment Platforms for Software Engineers

Code assessment is an evaluation of a person’s technical skills. These assessments help hire teams in measuring candidates’ relevant skills. Also known as programming assessments, they explain a candidate’s ability to fulfill job requirements.

In this way, evaluations are much more precise and efficient and cover many skillsets. Code assessment platforms do just that. They help recruiters efficiently and effectively assess coders’ skills using sophisticated software.

Many platforms use a wide range of features and clever tools to manage the screening process, and we will focus on a few of them. Plus, WPMU DEV’s all-in-one WordPress platform gives you everything you need to manage, update, optimize, secure, and host client sites – all under one roof. Get 20% off any of their plans here. Free trial included.

1. CodeSignal


CodeSignal is a skill-based assessment platform used for standard technical hiring by structuring, automating, and scaling interviews. Some of the largest tech companies (Uber, Zoom, Facebook, etc.) use this same platform for their hiring process.

They help their clients find qualified programmers, save time on technical screenings, and increase developer diversity. Some of the tools offered are A Flight Simulator for Developers for assessing real-world skills with the real-world development environment and Keystroke Playback to replay candidates’ every keystroke during the interview and review them.

Moreover, Plagiarism Checker will flag any submissions that may be suspicious, ATS Integrations (Applicant Tracking Software) provides the possibility to send assignments and receive responses directly from your ATS, and Certified Assessment gives certifications to candidates using CodeSignal’s Coding Score.

2. Coderbyte


Coderbyte provides its clients with 400+ challenges and a library of questions for creating assessments for any technical role in no time. A wide variety of templates helps you start with your evaluation, and you can also automate your existing process using their library of challenges and questions.

If you do not know where to start, a guide is available for conducting code screening and recruiting. With live interviews, conducting remote interviews and code pairing is made easy, plus you can make interview templates. Take-home projects are available for top candidates to capture deeper insight into the candidate.

Also, integration with GitHub makes analysis of those assignments easier, and there are 30+ coding languages available to choose from when creating challenges. Plus, a library of questions helps you easily create many different skill assessments and get video responses from candidates.

3. CodinGame


CodinGame is an online platform that helps you improve your programming skills while having fun and “gaming.” Courses are made by the best developers and allow you to learn new concepts and become one of those experts. By joining their community of developers, you will meet many enthusiasts who will help you review your code.

Challenge your friends, co-workers, or schoolmates by playing multiplayer programming games. Join online contests for fun or prizes. Essentially, build up your developer profile, choose which companies see your profile, and stand out from the crowd to get noticed by top companies.

The primary purpose of CodinGame is to let programmers keep improving their programming skills, learn new concepts, and find the best companies. This platform also provides services for recruiters to source, screen, and retain talent.

Plus, online gamified assessment tests are used to evaluate developers’ skills while, at the same time, saving time on technical interviews. A powerful matching service helps recruiters find the best developers. CodinGame also offers a unique and self-service game platform for fun and effortless team building.

4. Codility


Codility is the #1 rated technical recruitment platform for testing developer skills and making evidence-based hiring decisions. Number one title comes from being trusted by the World’s best companies like Microsoft, Unity, PayPal, Volvo, OLX Group, Slack, Intel, etc.

Key features Codility provides are Remote Hiring with assessing candidates with online tests; hiring at Scale, 2.5x faster hiring with skill-based assessments and live technical interviews; building diverse teams by eliminating bias from the recruitment process and objective comparing ways.

Remote Hiring makes it faster to build relationships with the best developers by live interviewing using a live share code editor. It provides an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions as they go, and at the same time, recruiters can evaluate candidates’ problem-solving abilities, etc.

Coding assignments provide an accurate and objective measure of skills. Hiring at scale accelerates hiring time with efficient workflow and insights that minimize false positives and reduce interview time. It cuts the hiring process from months to days, and on average hiring process is 2.5x faster.

Building diverse teams are based on fair code tests and structured interviews that actively eliminate bias. Finally, the interface is designed with accessibility in mind, including screen-readers, support triggers, etc.


Diverse features differentiate all of these platforms. After looking and comparing them, choose which platform is best for you. Do not forget that more features and better features imply a higher subscription fee.

These are not the only platforms available for code assessments but are some of the best that we picked out from, and you can always look for more options if these do not tick all your boxes.

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