Career Advice: How to Advance Your IT Skills by Acing Microsoft 70-463 Exam with Exam Dumps

For IT specialists aiming for recognition in the field, it takes more than just work experience to achieve such dreams. You need the right mix of soft skills, leadership traits, and business acumen, as advised by superior professionals.

And are you ready for the exciting challenge ahead?

To show you how you can maximize your potential and prepare yourself for the new roles, here’s your detailed guide to the Microsoft 70-463 exam, one of the mandatory tests for the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certification. Passing this exam will validate your ability to implement a data warehouse, and it is the final step to obtaining the badge.

What is a Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse refers to the whole process of collecting data from different sources until it’s made available for reporting by taking one form or another depending on the business requirements. It’s worth mentioning that a data warehouse is composed of all the historical data, and that data is sporadically added using the automated codes. The professionals in this field should know not only the concepts of managing data but also be knowledgeable about several solutions that help to work with it.

Data Warehouse

What Exactly Do Data Warehouse Developers Do?

Data warehouse developers take pride in delivering Business Intelligence information for the whole company. Naturally, these professionals must have a strong understanding of BI best practices, data warehouse, relational structures, and SQL, among other concepts. Other tasks they will be expected to perform include the creation of star schema data models, supporting the working BI solutions, and responding to user queries regarding data integrity.

Who is an SQL Server Database Administrator?


One more job role you can apply for after earning the named MCSA ExamSnap Practice Test certification is the SQL Server Database Administrator. These specialists manage SQL Servers to ascertain that the available data is well stored, organized, and available to general users. Perhaps this explains why these professionals play a key role in many IT departments in big companies.

Essentially, database administrators should have reliable programming knowledge as well as exceptional data architecture skills that will enable them to oversee the role of SQL Developers. The fact they should also be able to write SQL queries and optimize them cannot be ignored.

What Should a Candidate Know About Microsoft 70-463 Exam?

The decision to pursue the MCSA certification in SQL Server 2012/2014 will depend on your specific needs and personal ambitions. However, its 70-463 exam will be a suitable option if you are an ETL or data warehouse developer who can create BI solutions. Remember that this exam should be taken alongside tests 70-461 and 70-462 in order to earn the badge, and each of these three will cost you $165

pursue certificate

Exam candidates are not just expected to have a foundational knowledge of IT concepts but also to be capable of working with the SQL Server 2012/2014 technology. So, to pass this test successfully, you should have an in-depth understanding of data cleansing, the implementation of a data warehouse, and data loading and extraction. Generally, 70-463 focuses on five key objectives including the following;

  • Designing and Implementation of a Data Warehouse(10-15%)
  • The building of Data Quality Solutions(15-20%)
  • Configuration and Employment of SSIS Solutions(20-25%)
  • Loading Data(25-30%)
  • Extraction and Transformation of Data(20-25%)

What Microsoft Preparation Materials You Can Use?

To help you grasp all the mentioned concepts, Microsoft runs various prep materials that, if used appropriately, can help you achieve a stellar score in the test. However, the rule of thumb still applies, never rely on one study resource. For instance, you can get enrolled in Microsoft’s instructor-led training and also use books or choose a self-paced course with reviewing your knowledge with Microsoft’s practice test after completing it.


All these options have their benefits. The instructor-led course allows you to get help from IT experts while self-paced one will be more suitable for busy candidates. What about practice test, it will surely boost your confidence by highlighting exam-like questions. Using it should be your priority when studying for your Microsoft 70-463 because mock exams confirm if you can perform under pressure. Sitting a 2-hour long standardized test is never easy, especially if you’ve never attempted one before, and practice tests give you an insight into the real assessment.

But this training method will work for you only if used more than once. Thus, it will be very helpful to visit the ExamSnap website and download their exam dumps. Read on to know more about these materials.

Why Should You Use Exam Dumps?

ExamSnap is one of the highly reliable providers of exam dumps. Their collections of questions and answers are compiled by successful exam candidates and will help you see the contents of the Microsoft 70-463 assessment. A part of those vce files is provided for free, so you can always decide if this preparation method is suitable and effective for you.


On the other hand, you can choose paid materials gathered in a Premium Bundle that goes for $39,97. It provides students with an expert-verified dump, a training course of video lectures, and a study guide. You are utilizing all these resources will lift your self-confidence in preparation for the ultimate test.

Regardless of being free or paid, all exam dumps from ExamSnap can be opened in the VCE Exam Simulator. This software mirrors the real exam infrastructure. You will see actual questions and explore their types; also, you’ll become used to the timing and will be able to monitor your progress due to detailed reports on each of your trial tests.


It’s easy to feel comfortable in your current role, but if you are aiming for the topmost positions, it’s important to update your skills on an everyday basis.IT has evolved, and it has a lot more to it than just writing codes and queries. So, if you want to move to the next stage and be familiar with innovative technologies, getting certified in a modern field like SQL Server makes sense. Feel free to visit ExamSnap today and grab their exam dumps for the Microsoft 70-463 to pass your exam easily and improve your career journey.

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