Aggregate and Show Reviews as Stars on Google

You have probably noticed that some websites have five shining stars and the number of reviews standing right next to the link in Google search results.

Moreover, you have probably also wished that your website could have the same thing to seem more trustworthy and outstanding. What if I tell you that you can achieve that very easily with only one tool called AddStars?

What are the benefits of aggregated Google ratings


Well, firstly, these yellow stars can attract a lot of attention from people who are, for example, looking for an online shop to buy some product. If they see such a website among the first results in a Google search and the number of positive reviews, they will more likely buy something there than on a website that does not have these details.

With aggregated ratings, you can build yourself a remarkable reputation, increase the trustworthiness and credibility of your website, improve SEO performance, and attract more customers. Also, such a feature will certainly improve your rankings on search engines and encourage other people to leave their positive reviews.

How can I do that

The easiest and most efficient way to add aggregated Google ratings to your website is by using the AddStars tool. It is a cloud-based tool that allows you to receive and collect reviews from various websites on the internet and show them on Google SERPs.

Do not confuse AddStars with a basic review platform because it can offer you so much more than that. It is a one of a kind tool that can bundle numerous reviews from different web places and display them together on Google search results.

What are the features of AddStars

With AddStars, you can stand out from other websites by displaying your reviews on the most important place – Google search results. I mean, if they are all around the web, who will waste their time by checking each review platform separately? This way, your customers will see your ratings immediately while searching on Google.

At the moment, AddStars collects reviews from twelve platforms, with new ones coming soon. Your click-through rates will be significantly boosted, as well. And all that without any coding or a need for reindexing, rich snippets, or similar.

To make sure that you have got it all right and so that you can have full insight into this tool, I will list all the features of AddStars:

  • White Label feature (customization of your dashboard), plugin, assets
  • Lifetime license packages with a fixed price and the possibility of reselling them to your clients
  • Adding your unique ID to any WordPress site
  • Adding the AddStars Unique code to any website footer or header
  • Enabled access to all current and future review platforms
  • Support in the form of a live chat
  • Possibility of being compared to other competitors that do not have aggregated rating
  • Roadmap


All in all, getting aggregated reviews for your website and these five shining stars next to your link can mean a lot to your business. So, do not waste any more time but go to this link.

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