Images on a coming soon page

The Importance of Images on Your Coming Soon Page

Using coming soon pages you can mark a spot on the internet for your future site and have a place that your audience/customers can visit in order to get information on the official launch date, subscribe to your newsletter, get familiar with your business if they aren’t already, get a sneak peek of what is to come when the site does go live, and so much more. Here’s why you should be using images.

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Free handwriting fonts

25+ Best Free Handwriting Fonts

It’s true that we did work very hard on making modern and minimalist design practices a standard in all areas of design but recently people have shown an interest in adding a bit of personality into their designs in order to better express their or their brand’s identity.
Regardless if it’s a web design, graphic design, logo design or any other type of creative project, using handwriting fonts can is the way of adding that necessary dash of personality. Here are the best free handwriting fonts.

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create featured images

How to Create Featured Images for Your Blog

The average person is bombarded with content on a daily basis and definitely has enough blogs and blog posts to choose from. In most cases, what sways a person towards one specific blog post is, in fact, the post’s featured image. So, if you want your blog post to be the one getting the clicks, you’ll have to do your best to create the most eye-catching featured image for it. Here’s how.

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Signs you need a new website

What Are The Signs That You Need a New Website?

There will come a point when your site and the technology it was built on won’t be able to provide you with the most optimal performance regardless of how much effort you put into patching up and updating it. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize this until it takes a noticeable toll on their business causing their online reputation and revenue to deteriorate. Here is how to recognize it.

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How to Work With Clients

Bonus Tip: How To Work With Clients

Every project begins with getting to know the client in order to be able to establish communication, and with that build a relationship. Client-designer relationships are extremely important because your clients are the reason you are in business, but as much as you need your clients, the clients need you. Here is how to work with your clients.

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