Signs you need a new website

What Are The Signs That You Need a New Website?

There will come a point when your site and the technology it was built on won’t be able to provide you with the most optimal performance regardless of how much effort you put into patching up and updating it. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize this until it takes a noticeable toll on their business causing their online reputation and revenue to deteriorate. Here is how to recognize it.

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Improve Your Following

Top Strategies To Increase Your Social Media Following

To many people having a significantly big follower count can be a sign of accomplishment, meaning that they have finally made it. But the follower count isn’t important just to you, it can be an indication to people that you are someone worth following, and to other influencers and brands a confirmation that you are worth collaborating/partnering with. Here is how to improve it.

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How to Work With Clients

Bonus Tip: How To Work With Clients

Every project begins with getting to know the client in order to be able to establish communication, and with that build a relationship. Client-designer relationships are extremely important because your clients are the reason you are in business, but as much as you need your clients, the clients need you. Here is how to work with your clients.

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Land your first gig

Bonus Tip: How To Find Your First Gig

Let’s be honest all beginnings are difficult, but for the people in the design industry, they can be especially challenging. Probably the biggest obstacle in your graphic design career will be landing that first job. Most jobs you come across are looking for a designer with experience. But how does one get experience if no one is giving them a chance? Read on to find out how to land your first gig.

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Trends in Graphic Design

Modern Trends in Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t something that popped up recently, its history is long, and it has gone through a number of trends during it. The trends that happened in graphic design were often a reflection of the current sentiment in society and the way the designs were created changed with the advancements of technology. Read on all about graphic trends!

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