Visual Page Builder Plugins

Top 3 Visual Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

Nowadays, every single business should have a site. Heck, even individual professionals should have one, too! Are you looking to get a job? Make an online portfolio! Your dog or cat is super cute and is becoming popular on Instagram? Maybe they need, or could use a site, too!

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The best Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And Web Developers

Both bloggers and web designers use a browser while working, so loading up that browser with useful extensions can be the perfect way to optimize the creative process. As most of you know, Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser in the world, and to say its collection of browser extensions is vast would be an understatement, so here is the selection of the best extensions you could use!

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how to create graph

How to Create a Graph Online in 5 Easy Steps

Graphs are an easy way for you to make data comprehendible to anyone from a statistics geek to your average Joe. Contrary to the belief some people have, creating graphs is extremely simple and with the help of tools readily available to us, can be done on just a few steps. Here are some useful tools and the steps you need to take to create one.

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Get traffic on photography site

Top 6 Strategies for Driving Traffic to Your Photography Website

Despite putting a lot of work into having amazing photos and the perfect site, many photographers struggle to have any meaningful amount of traffic reaching their site. The reasons why this happens vary from site to site, but there’s one thing that all those sites have in common, and that is the opportunity to employ certain strategies that might give their traffic rates a boost. Here is what you could do.

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Gadgets for graphic designers

Coolest Gadgets for Graphic Designers and Other Creatives

In today’s digital world, we are blessed to have a plethora of gadgets that can aid us in our creative endeavors, cut the time we spend working, and boost our productivity. Some of the gadgets can directly contribute to the creative process, while others will simply speed it up, allowing you to create more in less time. Here are some of the best gadgets for creatives!

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mobile apps for editing photos

Best Mobile Apps for Editing Photos

Although most smartphone cameras nowadays can come head to head with DSLRs, no matter how crisp and clear your image is, if it’s not edited, it can feel somewhat plain, as if it is lacking that little something. When editing a photo, you can apply just the edits that will enhance the image’s best features, or you can let your imagination run free and completely change the image. Here are the best tools to help you edit them.

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