5 Tips for Growing Your Business in the ‘New Normal’

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted both the global and local economies, and no business owner can deny the fact that their day-to-day business cash flow is in danger.

On top of that, there is this uncertainty and fear that came with the pandemic, as we don’t know what exact challenges still await us because no one can claim how the pandemic will end. And, most importantly, no one knows when it will end either.

However, just because it is not so sunny and bright at the moment doesn’t mean that the world should give up. Instead, this calls for a shift, for a new way of thinking. So, let’s take a look at what a business owner should do to keep growing in the ‘new normal’ we are all adjusting to.

Consider your customers’ perspective

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels have become even more important for businesses during these dire times. Staying connected to your customers during the pandemic is crucial, and more and more stores are closing and moving their operations solely online.

Remaining on your customers’ minds is vital for success. The key, however, is to identify the target customers and pay close attention to what they’re saying and doing online. Almost everyone is feeling uncertain about their health and the economy, so you should try to stand out by responding to your customers’ current needs and concerns. At least try to see everything from their perspective.

Know that there is always an opportunity for uniqueness and success regardless of the current state of the economy. However, you should plan well and consider your customers’ perspectives.

If you think you need help from experts, you should reach out to a social media agency. Professional perspective and approach will guide you in the right direction and help you connect more with your prospects.

Hire top talent

The pandemic pushed businesses towards moving operations online. This means that a lot of businesses needed to start working remotely after they abandoned the traditional offices.

One of the most important remote work tips is to find and hire capable and talented workers. These individuals will have no difficulty adjusting to remote work, and they will push your business to success and growth during this difficult time.

Only qualified and dedicated employees possess talents that will help you overcome the challenges we are facing today.

A pro tip, in this case, is to look for professionals who can work well with minimal help and supervision. These are the times when the mentioned traits will prove to be of great use.

Additionally, consider getting business advice from experienced professionals in your industry. Their insights could give you the edge you need over your competitors. So, it would be smart to open up your LinkedIn app and shoot a message to one of your colleagues from the industry and see how they deal with hiring in these COVID-19 times.

Also, check various platforms that are designed to only gather top-notch experts for hire.

Host virtual events

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Plan out and host virtual events that are relevant both to your target audience’s and partners’ needs.

This is a great way to provide additional value while reaching people in the comfort of their homes. Keep in mind that these events are becoming very popular, so you will have to find new ways to make your virtual events (webinars, for instance) interesting and different from all the other events.

Try to create an interactive experience. If your budget allows it, provide incentives such as giveaways and expert speakers to entice people to come and attend.

Finally, end your virtual events with a clear call to action that will leave your audience feeling connected to your business and willing to continue the relationship with you.

Target locals

The pandemic has proven to all of us how important it is to have a strong local client base. Once the borders were shut down, many businesses faced a proper catastrophe since 90% of their customers were foreigners.

Don’t let this happen to your business too. Stay connected to your local community and support it in whichever way you can, as this is essential during these challenging times.

Not only does it go a long way in helping vulnerable people, but it can also provide a great support network for you and your business.

Allow the locals to help out your business but also contribute to all causes that are designed to help the local community.

Moreover, connect to fellow business people in your area by shopping locally and promoting their businesses on your social channels, if possible.

If you have the budget, you can look to the businesses who are also working with their local authorities to adapt their services into making products that are in high demand. For instance, some breweries are now producing hand sanitizers, and some clothing stores have started manufacturing masks.

Motivate your team members

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Make sure that your employees are equipped with the tools to continue doing their jobs remotely. Failing to provide the necessary tools and benefits for them to work well remotely will affect the overall motivation and productivity.

Hardware and electrical equipment are one thing to consider and think about digital tools and software to make a move to the home office as smooth as possible. This means taking a look at various virtual workplace software solutions.

For instance, Trello is a virtual task board where users can upload and download various documents, tasks, images, videos, and other items that are important for work. They can also add comments, add other users, set up timers, and so on.

Another good option of this kind is Google’s very own Basecamp. Basecamp is similar to Trello, but it is worth noting that it has more features and functionalities.

Also, advise employees (that are working remotely) to set up space in their home that is solely dedicated to working.

Try to keep motivation high by making sure there are clear communication channels that you use to check in on a regular basis.

A good communication and collaboration tool that should help you achieve smooth communication with your employees is Slack. Slack has proven records of success, and it is one of the most popular tools of its kind in the world today.

Slack features

Finally, check for government incentives. Various governments have rolled out programs that are designed to help businesses make the shift and adjust smoothly to the ‘new normal’. These programs often include tech resources, tax reliefs, and even monetary aid; they’re definitely worth considering.

After all, there is no better way to motivate your employees than to give them a bonus that should stimulate them to adjust and keep performing well.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, what you have just read should provide you with some inspiration and motivation to adapt and overcome the challenges the pandemic has produced.

It is not going to be easy, but it is most certainly going to be worth it. Take some time to plan out the adjustments and use all resources you can get your hands on to boost the growth during the pandemic.

Many have already done it, so why should your business be an exception?

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