How to Find a Perfect Theme for Portfolio

Whatever you do, whether you’re a photographer, a painter, or a web designer, you’ll need a portfolio. Portfolios, after all, are the tried-and-true approach to show potential clients or employers your work history and technique. They come in a variety of forms and designs.

However, there is one thing they all have in common: they are significant. You may use WordPress portfolio themes to create a magnificent representation of your work on the web if you want to guarantee your work connects with its target audience and gain a few new clients or consumers.

Papers on desk

When putting together a portfolio, consider that a broad swath of work is less likely to pique someone’s interest than well-curated portfolio samples.  A portfolio created to appeal to a future employer would certainly differ significantly from one designed to attract clients, but the idea of quality over quantity remains the same.

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When choosing your portfolio themes, you should consider all sorts of things, such as customization and design, features (dynamics, contact form, social media integrations, etc.), and pricing.

Customization & Design

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You should customize your selected theme to give it a distinctive appearance appropriate for your company. As a result, search for features like font selections, color options, and layout options.


A portfolio website also helps you build an online following for your work, which is always beneficial to your business. One of the best ways to do it is through social media and contact forms. When you link your various social media profiles to your website, interested visitors can follow you on social media sites.

Contact forms make it easier for potential clients to get in touch with you and aid in generating fresh leads. They may fill out the form and send an inquiry your way with the click of a button, rather than needing to utilize the contact information you provide to create a new channel of communication.

Key features you should have:

  • Home page where you will include an overview of you and your work
  • About you page where you will express who you are, what you like and stand for
  • The portfolio section should emphasize your skillset and projects
  • Contact page where someone could quickly contact or find you

Creativity is very subjective. Themes that appeal to one group of creative professionals may not appeal to another. This collection includes great themes to suit a wide range of creative portfolio requirements. Some were chosen for their inherent beauty, while others were selected for their significant degree of customizability or superior design characteristics.



Of course, you should always consider your budget when creating a portfolio. You can always invest more in creating a better portfolio and buy more premium themes, but you should know that there are entirely free themes that will do the job for you.

We can move on to the theme showcase after we have a clear idea of what makes up the top WordPress themes for creatives of all sorts.

1. Uncode


More than 16 portfolio styles are included in the Uncode WordPress theme so that you can show off your work in style. The grid design may be used to arrange your previous work, and the parallax effect can be used to bring attention to your calls to action.

The Content Block is a unique feature of this theme that allows you to build pre-made content blocks, store them, and reuse them on any website page. You may also include Youtube videos, Tweets, Flickr galleries, and other media on your website for added variation.

2. OceanWP


OceanWP is probably one of the most popular WordPress themes, with over 4 million active installs. It’s a multi-purpose theme with various free and paid sample templates to choose from, so you can choose to invest in more premium features.

This theme includes a portfolio extension to present your portfolio items professionally. Using a shortcode or a page template, you may place your portfolio section wherever you like.

3. TheFour


GretaThemes’ TheFour premium WordPress theme is simple and relatively easy to set up. It’s a responsive and cross-browser compatible theme, so your website should operate on any device or browser which benefits your user experience.

What this theme includes:

  • Infinite scroll
  • configurable colors
  • 800+ Google fonts
  • adjustable header


Today, it’s simple to discover WordPress portfolio themes, but choosing the appropriate one with valuable features and functionality is more challenging. Here, we have explained some key features your portfolio should have and a few examples for your portfolio themes. We hope this blog post helped guide you on your path to creating your portfolio.

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