Link Management on WordPress

As a WordPress website owner, you have already experienced a mess of links around you. You are not alone. Every WordPress website has many links, and that number keeps growing with a website’s growth. Those links are helpful and needed for your visitors to easily find your previous posts. Also, they can be beneficial with search engines and site crawling. Some of the added links on your pages can be external and redirect visitors to other websites.

However, many links can be broken and useless and send your visitors to error pages and unwanted content. It does not just give a bad feeling to your visitors; it can also affect your SEO ranking and traffic.

For that reason, controlling and managing links is a necessity. And it is not an easy job. Luckily, WordPress websites have plugins that extend the WordPress functionality. Likewise, there is a WordPress plugin for link management too.

The WP Links is a plugin that helps you with link control and SEO boost.

WP Links plugin for link management 

WP Links plugin is the best option for link management on WordPress websites. It lets you control any link on your website, helps you avoid error pages, and boosts your SEO rank.

WP Links plugin has a long list of powerful features that makes the link management job look easy. It starts with a simple centralized dashboard that fully controls your website: and offers management of your multiple sites, purchases, licenses, and brands. In addition, the dashboard contains customization features that allow you to rebrand the plugin and make it unique.

This plugin offers control over internal and external links and how links are opened: in the new tab or window, or are they staying in the same tab and keeping visitors focused on your page?

Every rule for links can have an exception. The Exceptions feature lets you decide which rule should not be applied to which link. This feature applies to internal, external, and excluded links. It is helpful for specific links and stories that exceed your linking policy, but they are as important.

Furthermore, the WP Links plugin offers an Exit Confirmation feature. It lets you inform visitors that clicking a specific link takes them from your website. Sometimes, leaving the website was not intentionally made. So, the pop-up message helps reconsider the click.

Also, this feature informs visitors that external links are not yours. Some links can have harmful and unsafe content with many issues, and you don’t want your visitors to think you are responsible for that. With this feature, you are protecting your content and keeping visitors.

Another important feature is Link Checker. It checks and analyzes all links on your website. It informs you if links are corrupted, broken, or completely healthy. This feature also boosts SEO rank.

Link management and website security are important. If you want to control link redirects and avoid other wrong links that affect your SEO, see the WP 301 Redirects plugin. It checks links, does automatic redirects, and boosts traffic. For a secure WordPress website, try the WP Force SSL plugin. It controls your SSL certificate and HTTPS content.


WordPress websites contain many links that can be messy if not treated well. Wrong and uncontrolled links can harm your website’s SEO rank, visitors’ behavior, and website traffic.

You should use the appropriate link management plugin to avoid confusion with links and unwanted situations. The best that can help you is WP Links, which gives you complete control over internal and external links, broken links, and error pages.

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