Top Instagram Influencers You Should Follow to Learn More About Photography

Social media has been an integral part of our lives for quite some time now. People are using these channels for communication, keeping up with the news and current affairs, entertainment, work, and also learning.

Hence, we will give our undivided attention to the influential contemporary photographers. These guys are out there, polishing their craft and sharing their masterpieces with their huge fan bases. They are the ones to follow if you want to learn more about photography and get inspired for your next photo walk.

Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen

If you are on Instagram and interested in photography, you might already know about this photographer as he has over 6 million followers. Basically, he is an influencer in the broadest sense of the word.

On one hand, he is an expert photographer who is a National Geographic contributor and has won numerous awards in his career. On the other hand, he is a devoted eco and preservation activist, and he uses his Instagram account partly for the promotion of his efforts and engaging as many people as possible in it. But for now, let’s stick with his photographic contributions.

His Instagram gallery is truly stunning, so you will enjoy scrolling through it, and you might get numerous composition ideas. This especially goes for aspiring photographers who want to specialize in wildlife and intact nature photography.

Also, sometimes, he will share exposure advice in his photo descriptions, but mostly, he will teach you how important it is to love the nature you are photographing.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry

McCurry’s work is mostly defined as photojournalism, and he has won numerous awards for it. Most photography enthusiasts are familiar with his work, so you might be as well. If nothing else, you will definitely recognize his most famous work – “Afghan Girl”.

This portrait has been named “the most recognized photograph”. It has even appeared on the cover of National Geographic in June 1985 and has been re-used multiple times ever since on various publications. McCurry’s works have been frequently featured in Nat Geo before and after this milestone in his career.

However, his success aside, there is another reason he appears on our list. Although he doesn’t give exposure or equipment tips in his photo descriptions, his talent to catch the essence of culture clearly shows in his photos.

Looking at and studying his works will help you learn to see and capture the timeless frames. And photojournalism is all about that.

Alan Schaller

Alan Schaller

Schaller is a photographer who has built his career on black-and-white photography. His striking and stylish street shots are truly worthy of attention. And this doesn’t only go for photography enthusiasts but for everyone.

His approach to photography is what many people picture in their minds to the mention of the phrase “art photography”.

On his account, he displays only his own work, and this account is moderately popular with more than half a million followers. Another account of his is called Street Photography International which features numerous artists from around the world. And here you can find both color and B&W photos.

In the photo descriptions, he shortly analyses the photo’s style and composition. This is enough to give you direction on what to pay attention to when organizing your shots. These are great both as advice and inspiration.

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about fashion, beauty, and portrait photography. Lindsay Adler is a New York-based photographer whose work has been featured in several magazines. She is also a published author and photography teacher. The last point is what makes her perfect for our list.

Her Instagram account is a display of her striking work, and only looking at it leaves you speechless. This is not the subtle geometric photography like Schaller’s. On the contrary – although there are some black-and-white photos in her opus, the majority of them are dramatic and contain a lot of colors. She plays with filters, shadows, shades, all of which highlight the beauty of the subject, her clothes, make up, and accessories.

Some of her Instagram posts contain links to her website where she explains the technique she’s used. Other times, there’s a link to her YouTube educational video. But, either of these is extremely helpful to a budding fashion photographer. So, remember to check out her work if you love shooting fashion.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School

This account might have the fewest followers out of everyone on our list. However, if you are a beginner, you will appreciate the amount of actual instruction you can get here, even if you prefer shooting with an analog camera.

These guys share one photo related to a topic, and then add a link to their blog in the description. This is where they give their detailed advice on the subject.

Here you can learn a lot about anything from gear, to take a certain type of photos, to avoid common mistakes. There is even a post on how to look for the best shooting locations only via Google Maps.

They try to cover all sorts of photography. There are posts on taking amazing at-home photos with only string and staple. Then, there are posts regarding beginner landscape as well as macro-photography essentials.

You will also have access to tips on making great aerial photos and capturing light trails like a pro. All in all, we are talking about truly beginner-friendly content.

Bonus Tip

As of recently, Instagram offers an option to follow hashtags. This might be a good idea if you are looking to learn about a specific type of photography, or if you are simply looking for inspiration.

Choosing to follow a hashtag means everything posted under it will appear in your feed. This includes posts from users who aren’t professional photographers.

Still, these pieces can sometimes be a breath of fresh air and their rawness might inspire you more than those perfect shots made by the professionals.

Here are some of our hashtag suggestions: #portrait, #portraitphotography, #landscape, #landscapephotography, #lensculturestreets, or simply #photography.

All in all, just make sure you find the top trending hashtags.


These are only some of our top picks when it comes to learning about photography through Instagram. There are so many other knowledgeable artists who don’t waste a chance to share useful tips with their followers. However, just like with any other art, you cannot learn it if you don’t practice.

So, grab your camera, and take a long look at the world around you. There must be a scene worth capturing, whether it’s a fantastically dressed girl sitting on a park bench, or the sun’s reflection in a muddy puddle. Just keep shooting.

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