Top free social media icons packs

Top Free Social Media Icon Vector Packs

Social media integration is one of the most important factors for your website’s growth with the massive influence they have on your overall progress. Including them on your website is the most polite way of asking your users to share the amazing piece of content that they’ve just read, and since it’s so subtle, it just can’t backfire as opposed to some other more persuasive methods. Here are the best packs for Social Media.

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Outreach Email Elements

5 Elements of a Proper Outreach Email (AKA How To Ask for Those Backlinks You Need)

In the past decade, marketing got revolutionized with dozens of new different approaches and levels. You can generate more traffic and promote your content through so many channels that you basically can’t run out of ideas—going from social media, through forums, comments, podcasts, guest posts, with the help of other bloggers, influencers, and so on and on. They work, no doubt about it.

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online survey tools

Top 8 Online Survey Tools to Gain Valuable Customer’s Feedback

With surveys, you will gain insights on their satisfaction levels, get feedback on your products or content, find out where are you missing out or what doesn’t work properly and in the end channel your efforts towards upgrading your status, getting even better marketing results with more precise targeting and reaching top-notch results of course.

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Top 7 tools to create Logo

Top 7 Tools to Create Your Unique Logo

There are quite a few things that represent a brand. It can be quality, uniqueness, consistency, or even its design and style. But there is another thing that catches your eye the second you see it and is probably the most recognizable and memorable thing about a specific brand – the logo.

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How to Choose photography site's color scheme

How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Photography Website

When you are the type of person that can catch a marvelous scene with the corner of your eye and immediately draw your phone and take the shot: you fit a specific profile. When you go on a vacation, and the only thing that wanders through your mind is capturing the most wonderful sights and landmarks of the country…ooh, you fit the profile. When you simply go to grab a cup of coffee, and the clouds suddenly make the perfect formation for stealing the scene and converting it to an astonishing photo that you can admire for hours, you sir/madam are a photographer, and you got hooked to and art form invented for the sleek.

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