Top Plugins for Improving Website Performance

Top Plugins for Improving Your Website’s Performance and Giving Your Visitors the User Experience They Deserve

Having a fast website is a must today. The majority of users, when searching for something, expect to see the results right away. Many studies even say that if it takes more than three seconds to load your site, about 72% of your visitors will move on to another site. That is quite a big portion of your traffic that you simply cannot afford to lose. If you do, it will be very hard for you to get those visitors back on your site.

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Improve E-commerce Sales Using Google Images

How to Take Advantage of Google Images to Improve Your E-commerce Sales

Images matter! Most search engine users spend more time looking at images or videos than on reading. Also, it has been proven that we are visual beings and that images can affect us greatly. It is not said that an image is worth 1,000 words for nothing, and even Google has become aware of the power that images have on us.

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The six best adblockers

Best Ad-Blockers To Help You Get Rid of Unwanted Ones

Ad Blockers simply block ads. All Ad Blockers work the same; they are applications (plugins or extensions) that remove advertising content on a webpage you are visiting. They block ads when you are browsing, and they are supported by many web browsers (Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera). Here are our recommendations.

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Top online Presentation Tools

Top Online Presentation Tools

Before you choose which tool you want to use, make sure that it is easy to use, that it has import and export features, that you can add all the necessary photographs, access and store it on a cloud in case your equipment fails, check for audio and video capabilities (you never know when you will have to do a voice-over), and make sure it has good technical support. Lastly, check if your tool has different templates that will make your job of creating an interesting and captivating presentation even easier.

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